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Into the witch: new works for 2020!

I'm incredibly excited to be playing around with this concept of witches and the embodiment of the "witch" in the female body for 2020.

Historically, women have been tortured and put to death under the whim that they were in fact a "witch". Witches were any woman who seemed to embody knowledge of healing elixirs or midwifery that seemed other worldly, and yet we know that druids who seemed to have similar "powers" were often perceived to be male and as much more benevolent. So what makes the witch particularly female and evil? What is this relationship? I have a hint that it is the female energy and body behind the healing/medical solutions at the time, often considered the unknown and associated with the moon, that was the point of fear in the patriarchal societies. So for this new year I will be diving into the concept of witches and its relationship to the female body through musical exploration. Stay tuned for updates!

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