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We're celebrating Sheila Jordan on her 92nd Birthday for all she's done for Jazz! Sheila loved Charlie Parker and Bebop and her joy as well as her creativity and ferocious sense of wonder around making it has inspired musicians around the world! She also pioneered the first Bass and Voice Jazz instrumentation with which Descartes would not have been possible without.


November 18th we honour Sheila by playing some of the songs off our new album - Descartes for Sheila! - and getting everyone to sing over Zoom "Happy Birthday"! We'll be sending her a recording of it all along with the full digital album over a month early! 

- Jessica Heaven

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You will receive your Zoom link day of, through email or available through this page! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out via!


If you'd like to preorder our album just click here.


We will be offering Exclusive Descartes Merch through our Tier 3 Patreon page! 


Are you wanting a private live performance just for you? Book your's today through the email above!

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