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Crossover Jazz Duo Descartes is celebrating the vocalist who pioneered the bass-voice jazz duet, Sheila Jordan, and her go-to bass player Cameron Brown in their upcoming release Descartes for Sheila! The ten-track album is out January 3rd, 2021. 

Descartes reimagines the jazz bass-voice duo with an electric bass and repertoire that spans multiple genres, including unexpected mashups. 


1. Live Performances (in person and live stream) - Looking for a special house concert experience? Or the perfect group for an intimate restaurant? Our duo covers a variety of genres, and offers a polished mix of jazz, pop, and blues. Genre and songs can be requested prior the event as well as attire to suit your event look. 

2. Training-Wheel-Trio - Are you a hobby harmony player who would like to take the next step to gigging and working with professional musicians? We offer a safe-space duo with lots of real-world scenarios that can develop your playing confidence in jams, professional performances, and more! 

3. Session Musicians/Song Writing - You've got an idea for a song, but its not quite right - something's not finished. We can help. From writing consultations to session playing, we can offer a great creative environment to take the music to the next level. 





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